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Speaking at fintech_devcon

The official fintech_devcon call for speakers is now closed. Talk proposals were due by 11:59 p.m. PST on May 1.

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Why speak at fintech_devcon?


This event is solely focused on education. Use your first-hand knowledge to give tangible insights from a wide range of topics across fintech.


Developers, product managers, founders, builders, operators, and the most admired fintech experts will be there—make lasting relationships with hundreds of like-minded people.


As the largest fintech developer conference, you’ll be sharing your insights to help shape our evolving industry.

Perks for presenting

A lot of time and effort goes into your educational talk. That’s why we provide all presenters with a complimentary conference badge, lodging, and limited edition speaker-only swag.

Need help with your proposal?

Choosing a topic can be tough. How do you decide what developers want to hear? Which fintech topics are hot? Join the Moov Community and see what 3000+ engineers, product managers, and builders are asking about.

Types of talks

Keynotes (35 minutes)

Keynote speakers will take the main stage and headline the event. Speakers should masterfully demonstrate the skills that led to their reputation as a thought-leader in their area of expertise. Presentations should leave the attendees inspired, entertained, and educated on an important fintech topic.

Roadblock talks (45 minutes)

These talks focus on sharing knowledge and lessons learned while building payments and fintech products. Think deep dives and industry insights that developers would find useful.

Workshops (90 minutes)

These talks are hands-on coding sessions that teach attendees useful processes or steps. Participants should walk away with a tangible lesson learned and a project that they complete.

Panels or Fireside chats (45 minutes)

Panels feature a moderator and 2-3 guests. Fireside chats feature two people. Please note, only 1 person needs to submit for this category. Submitters must know who else will be involved in the panel and list them in their submission.

Know your audience

The audience wants to learn about building—not about you or your product. They want to know what can help them build faster. How to transform their work? They want to gain insight from your lived experiences, but your talk should give them something to take away and apply in their workday.

  • What skills, knowledge, or understanding will they have after listening to your talk?
  • What examples, templates, or tools will you share with them that they don’t already have?
  • How is your topic different from or better than similar information available elsewhere?

No demos & sales pitch

We know you want to share your awesome product with audiences, but this stage is not the right place. Talks are strictly educational.

Tips for selecting a topic

Session topics are why people attend conferences and valuable talks are what bring people back. If you need help thinking of a topic, our 2021 attendees asked to see these topics in 2022:

  • Lending
  • Investing
  • Crypto/blockchain
  • Neobanking
  • Financial inclusion and equitable finance
  • Payments and developer trends
  • Fintech architecture design and tech stacks
  • How B2B infra companies are operating in the space
  • Scaling issues, tracking funds
  • User experience
  • AI and ML
  • Business of APIs
  • Adapting/prioritizing software principles in fintech
  • More insight into how companies build and operate
  • Sample roadmaps
  • File management and big data
  • Cloud provider differentiation
  • Infrastructure resiliency
  • App optimization
  • API analysis and SDK paradigms by platform and programming language
  • Security, compliance and regulations
  • Databases
  • Transactional integrity
  • Integrations
  • The history and future of true fintech
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