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Call for speakers

The official fintech_devcon 2023 call for speakers is closed. Submissions received after April 15 will be placed on a waiting list.

Who should speak at fintech_devcon?

Developers and engineers

If you design, deliver, maintain, and update fintech software, fintech_devcon is the place to share what you’ve learned. We’re looking for developers, engineers, software architects, or dev team leaders.

Founders and CEOs

Fintech founders and CEOs bring unique expertise. Consider sharing how you chose your tech stack, grew your team, and built your product to scale.

Product leaders and managers

We ask product managers, owners, and leaders to share best practices on how to execute a product roadmap, bring products and functionality to market, write documentation, optimize design, and conduct research.

Need help putting together your talk? Here’s a complete guide on how to prepare your pitch.

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Type of talks

Roadblock talks

45 minutes

As a builder, you’ve encountered numerous hurdles, snags, and problems while working on fintech products. These sessions explain a “roadblock” you’ve encountered and should teach other builders how to overcome it using shortcuts, workarounds, and other unique resolutions. Please share tangible solutions like guides, templates, and detailed steps that they can replicate in their work.


90 minutes

Unlike roadblock talks, workshops offer hands-on coding demonstrations where speakers teach attendees how to build and solve a particular problem. Sessions must be interactive with a clear goal from the start and speakers must provide the required tools and repos prior to the event. Attendees should walk away with a completed fintech project. If you’d like assistance shaping your workshop, email us.


60 minutes

Panels take place on the main stage and feature a moderator with 2-3 guests. Fireside chats feature 2 people. Please note, only 1 person should submit for this category. Submitters must list all the potential speakers involved in the panel in their submission. Instead of lofty industry insights, our attendees are eager for actionable takeaways and best practices that they can apply to their own work.

No demos or sales pitches

We know you want to share your awesome product with audiences, but this stage is not the right place. Talks are strictly educational.

Know your audience

The audience wants to learn about building—not about your product or general industry insights. Here’s what you should share:

  • Real problems you’ve run into as a builder and how you solved them
  • Shortcuts, lessons learned, templates, or tools that will help attendees build faster and transform their work
  • Actionable best practices, roadmaps, tech stacks, and automation techniques you’ve seen succeed

Tips for selecting a topic

Our 2022 attendees asked to see these topics in 2023:

Complicated infra/stacks
Infrastructure resiliency
Scaling issues
Sample roadmaps
Prioritizing software principles
Fintech architecture design
Cloud provider differentiation
API analysis & SDK paradigms
Business APIs
Big data
B2B infra
Transactional integrity
App optimization
File management
Compliance & regulations
Financial inclusion
Payments trends
History of fintech
User experience
Tracking funds
Open source
Event-driven architecture
ADA compliance design
Legacy player integration

It is simple to apply

Submit a talk

Select a topic that educates fintech developers

Decide if its a roadblock talk, workshop, or panel

Complete the simple form by April 15

Write a title, abstract, and learning objectives

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