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Aaron Junod


Aaron Junod is CTO of ZSuite Technologies, a financial technology company offering a digital sub-accounting platform for escrow and custom banking programs. Aaron has been building SaaS financial technologies for 15 years, most recently as VP of Product at Geezeo, and before that as Architect and Team Lead at Evolution1 (Now Wex Benefits Platform). Aaron enjoys the challenge of defining a product while it’s being built and has successfully led many greenfield projects to market. Having overseen several large integration initiatives, Aaron also works with the ZSuite team to build scalable APIs ideal for integration into fintech ecosystems.

Talk abstract:

Using IaC to build, deploy and manage isolated environments for banking platforms.

ZSuite Technologies has been building a digital escrow system for banks to manage complicated scenarios better. With the help of five banks, ZSuite has designed and built a digital system to manage these accounts better. These systems are isolated in AWS and provisioned with IaC. Come learn how to provision and build an isolated platform with Moov’s Watchman as a base. You will create a new platform, expose Watchman, and have a functioning next client—all created with IaC.