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Adwait Joshi

Data Seers

Adwait Joshi is the founder and Chief Seer at DataSeers. He has been successfully helping his customers in Taming the Data Demon, giving them working solutions tailored to their needs. Adwait has 20 + years of data and AI experience and 10 years of payments experience. He has been working within various verticals solving data problems. Adwait has tremendous expertise in Big Data and analytics. His latest venture DataSeers, a RegTech FinTech company focused in Financial Services helps Banks and other FinTech’s with Onboarding, Reconciliation, Compliance, Fraud, and Analytics. The product he has engineered from conception to fruition, FinanSeer, has proven to be a game changer and a breakout success. The company won several industry related awards within its first year.