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Alan Torrance

Head of Open Source for Payments
J.P. Morgan

Roadblock title:

How fintech developers can engage and excite a large multinational corporation


Friday - 10:00 AM (5th floor - Manchester F)


Here’s your chance to explore the intersection of regulation and innovation. We’ll discuss the intricate dance that takes place between multinational corporations and the community of fintech developers as these two very different entities seek to bridge the gap between them. From navigating regulatory complexities to fostering a collaborative ecosystem, learn the strategies and insights that drive the quest for fintech excellence.


Family man, FinTech leader, and champion of young coders. Alan Torrance balances his role as Head of Open Source for Payments at J.P. Morgan with his passion project, Make It Happen. This innovative charity ignites the creativity of tens of thousands of children (ages 5-11) across the globe, empowering them to become future digital pioneers. He is not shy in admitting that he loves unicorns!

Alan Torrance