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José Alberto Hernández Maldonado

José Alberto Hernández Maldonado

Senior System Engineering - Fintecheando

Alberto has more than two decades of experience in the Information Technology area, mainly in financial services. He likes to drive innovation by creating tech solutions within the Mifos ecosystem, usually with an extended vision for having a set of innovative solutions or options to problems and business requirements. He has been using Mifos X and Mifos Payment Hub Enterprise Edition to bring high availability and reliable solutions for different financial entity types, like Banks, Investment Societies and Fintechs. He has successfully overcome challenges related to aligning Open Source Technologies to the regulatory rules to strike a balance between innovation and compliance. When not immersed in those tech things, he loves spending time outdoors with his family and puppy.

Workshop title

An open core: Building a neobank from scratch using open source primitives


To truly disrupt the fintech sector, core banking software must be commoditized and that can only be done by breaking the core into a set of primitives for managing accounts. This workshop will explore at an architectural and practical level what these foundational components are for managing customer accounts, deposit/current accounts, credit/loan accounts, along with payment orchestration to enable value to flow through these accounts. We will define the architecture and APIs underlying these primitives and through illustrative case studies of Fineract & Mifos users show how fintechs from around the world layer additional innovation on our open source APIs and building blocks to quickly get to market with solutions at a much lower cost.

In this hands-on workshop, we will walk developers through how to rapidly build a reference fintech app powered directly by our open source APIs - from creating the customer account along with requisite KYC information, integration with origination workflows, ad-hoc data capture, management of the full lifecycle of loan and current accounts, seamless payment orchestration, integrated double entry accounting, and business intelligence and data analytics.

Learning objectives:

  • Fintechs will learn how to get to market faster with their solutions by building on an open core that has been hardened and battle-tested while being deployed across more than five dozen countries. This commoditized core banking layer enables a focus on customer-facing innovation & user experience as opposed to infrastructure.
  • Developers will learn how to practically build solutions on open source core banking APIs for managing accounts - customer accounts, wallet/deposit/current accounts and credit/loan accounts.
  • Architects will learn how a core banking system can be broken down into account primitives that are completely open source from the ground up and accessible via APIs.