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Anh-Tho Chuong

Co-Founder & CEO

Workshop title:

How to deploy a usage-based billing system on open-source


Thursday - 10:00 AM (4th floor - Indigo)


In this session, we’ll discuss the challenges of usage-metering and explain the differences between metering and billing. We’ll also explain how to build a usage-metering system that’s scalable on top of an open-source system as we do a step-by-step deploy of Lago.


Anh-Tho Chuong co-founded Lago, the open-source alternative to Stripe Billing. Lago is used by cutting-edge companies such as and, thousands of engineers, and backed by FirstMark, Y Combinator, Signal Fire, Meghan Gill (MongoDB), Clément Delangue (Hugging Face). Before co-founding Lago, Anh-Tho was VP Growth at, the $5B Brex for Europe, and started her career at McKinsey & co.

Anh-Tho Chuong