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Anshu Sharma

Anshu Sharma

Co-Founder and CEO - Skyflow


Anshu Sharma is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor. He co-founded Clearedin where he serves as Executive Chairman, and Suki, a digital assistant for doctors. Prior, he served as venture partner at Storm Ventures and was vice president of platform at Salesforce. He has invested in over 25 startups including Nutanix, Algolia, Workato, and RazorPay.

Keynote title

RIP Blockchain. Build on tech that built blockchain.


Blockchain was promised as the one true elixir that could solve all your problems- from data sharing, to identity to privacy. But how many real software companies have we seen emerge in the last decade whose products are built on blockchain? Blockchain has failed to deliver what it promised.

So, what’s next? Anshu Sharma, co-founder & CEO of Skyflow will talk about how there is a silver lining- there are underlying technologies such as distributed stores & decentralized ID that can power what we really need; from immutable logs to privacy preserving computations. We’ll take a deep dive into applications that are delivering on the promise that blockchain promised in real-world use-cases.