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Asya Bradley

Asya Bradley

Co-Founder - Kinly

Asya Bradley is the Founding Partner of Majority VC and the Co-Founder of Kinly, the unapologetically Black and digitally native neobank that is building generational wealth for Black America. She is also an angel investor, advisor, and board member of numerous startups. Prior to founding Kinly, Asya served as SVP of Revenue at SilaMoney, VP of Partnerships at Socure, and was a founding team member and CRO at Synapse Financial Technologies. A champion of diversity and gender balance in the workplace, Asya works tirelessly to promote women, BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and other underrepresented communities. She is a world traveler, having lived and worked throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia and now North America. Asya is also certified at the highest attainable level by the Yoga Alliance in Ashtanga Yoga and speaks multiple languages fluently including, amongst others, Dutch, Punjabi and Arabic.

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