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Ben Howdle


Roadblock title:

Letting go of perfectionism in distributed systems


Thursday - 10:00 AM (5th floor - Manchester F)


Let’s dive deep into the principles and mental models developers use when shaping large software systems. We’ll explore system design, building functionality awareness, anticipating bugs, managing tech debt, and reassessing our quest for perfection. Drawing inspiration from what went wrong in Jurassic Park, we’ll discuss Ian Malcolm’s Chaos Theory, as portrayed in the movie. We’ll discuss how overlooked issues can disrupt complex systems. Just as Dennis Nedry’s betrayal was unexpected, we face software bugs. Emphasizing the need for resilience and flexibility in our systems, we aim for effective damage control and graceful error handling for when failures strike. Hold onto your butts!


Having worn multiple hats in early-stage startups as a founder, contributor, and collaborator with larger organizations, Ben has spent the last decade contributing to the growth of fintech companies worldwide. Currently CTO @ WorkMade, relishing the challenge of automating tax payments and making freelancers’ lives easier.

Ben Howdle