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Brad Chase

Head of Engineering

Roadblock title:

Bridging the gap: Navigating the integration of DeFi and traditional finance systems


Thursday - 11:00 AM (5th floor - Manchester E)


In this session, we’ll tackle the challenge of integrating blockchain into TradFi infrastructure. Despite the promise of greater efficiency, security, and transparency, such integrations struggle with compatibility and user experience. We’ll explain how open-source protocols like XRPL can enable integration between DeFi and TradFi systems, and we’ll take a deep dive on interoperability solutions and APIs tailored to financial applications. We’ll also cover adaptable frameworks, approaches to interoperability, and ideas for overcoming the growing pains of legacy systems to make DeFi accessible to all developers.


Brad Chase is the Head of RippleX Engineering, leading teams building products and services that determine and deliver optimal liquidity for Ripple’s global customer-base in a cost-effective, robust and scalable manner. Earlier in his tenure at Ripple, Brad was a core contributor to the XRP Ledger, developing a simulation framework to test the XRP Ledger Consensus Protocol and co-authored a paper about the protocol’s theoretical safety properties. Prior to joining Ripple, Brad managed quantitative development and trading strategy research teams in the high-frequency trading industry for closer to a decade. He holds Bachelor degrees in computer science and physics from Rice University, and a Ph.D. in quantum information and control theory from the University of New Mexico.

Brad Chase