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Brandon Weber

Brandon Weber

VP of Engineering - Basis Theory

Brandon is an experienced engineer and leader with over 20 years of industry experience. Past experience includes work on cryptographic and network security for the Air Force, a founding engineer at Dwolla, big data processing for John Deere, enterprise architect for a large Midwest retailer, and years of consulting ranging across many industries and domains. He currently leads engineering at Basis Theory.Brandon has spoken at many midwest conferences such as Kansas City Developer’s Conference, Nebraska.code, Prairie.code, Iowa Code Camp, Twin Cities Code Camp, and many regional user groups.

Workshop title

Scaling data security encryption


This workshop is all about overcoming the challenges around scaling encryption. The hands-on workshop will explore the scaling complexities of encryption and key management, the gotchas of getting started with encryption by using a single key, how to scale data security across applications, and the challenges of rotating encryption keys. Attendees will build a solution using an open-source SDK that will take them through setting up a KMS, creating an application and adding the Basis Theory’s open-source SD, and encrypting and decrypting a text value.