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Brittany Canty

Group Product Manager

Roadblock title:

Navigating the difference between what users want and what they need


Thursday - 2:00 PM (4th floor - Indigo)


Small businesses think it’s a great idea to be able to send and receive checks, but then find themselves open to greater risk of fraud. Consumers ask for Chime-like “spot-me” features but end up stuck in paycheck-to-paycheck cycles of poverty. In this session, we’ll showcase some examples of features that seem like good ideas because people ask for them, but that turn out not to be good for them. We’ll also share some tips for identifying potentially harmful ideas and features, as well as how to pivot away from them.


Brittany Canty is a distinguished Product Management leader renowned for her transformative leadership in pioneering digital banking solutions. She has served as VP of Product at institutions like Daylight, a digital bank catering to the LGBTQ+ community, and Kinly/First Boulevard, a revolutionary financial platform empowering Black America. Currently, she is building a digital bank for Teamshares, a company that buys small businesses from retiring owners and transitions them to employee ownership over several years.

Throughout her dynamic career, Brittany has navigated diverse industries, consistently delivering exceptional products aligned with impactful missions. Her expertise lies in orchestrating the seamless integration of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging principles into every facet of product development and organizational culture. A passionate advocate for customer-centricity, Brittany champions the needs of underrepresented communities, fostering safe and inclusive workplaces for women, minorities, and marginalized groups.

Brittany Canty