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Caito Scherr

Caito Scherr

Developer Advocate - Ververica

Caito is a Software-Engineer-turned-Developer-Advocate. They represent the US region for Ververica, creators of Apache Flink (a high powered stream processing engine). Caito’s engineering background is in stream processing and data analytics/observability. Outside of tech, they love running, dance, woodworking, and terrible puns.

Roadblock title

Streamlining your stream for fraud detection & real-time analytics using Apache Flink


The progress in the fintech industry over the years has been a fun and wild ride to be a part of. However, builders still often struggle with the same problems. Fraud/anomaly detection and real-time analytics are particularly challenging because they evolve so quickly. Fraud attempts continue to become more intelligent, and the market demands that our technologies handle massively larger amounts of data. This talk will go over how to best leverage stream processing frameworks like Apache Flink to improve the detection and analytics components of your system, including what I’ve learned from working with many fintech use cases over the years. More importantly, it will give you step-by-step instructions on how to get started with some of the most advanced technologies without the usual overhead.