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Corey Losenegger

Corey Losenegger

CTO - Braid

Corey is the CTO and first engineer at Braid where he heads up everything from app development to flow of funds. He has spent nearly 20 years building consumer products on the web and first got into the financial side of tech working on checkout flows at Etsy. Before all that he got started with a degree in fine art specializing in sculpture.

Roadblock title

Build vs. Buy: piecing together a system of partners that work


Getting a fintech up and running involves a lot of build v. buy decisions, like how are you tracking your ledger, where will KYC be processed, how to originate ACHs, and on and on. The trick is, if you build everything yourself, you’ll never launch, and if you buy everything, you can end up with a system that’s inflexible to operate and difficult to change. On top of that balancing act, the vendor lock-in is real, so any decisions you make are bound to stick with you for a while.

In this talk, I’ll share my experiences piecing together a system of partners to support a growing fintech. What went well, what we learned, and some of the reasons we just couldn’t make it work with a few potential integrations.