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David Reiss

David Reiss

Programme Director, Strategic Partnerships - Currencycloud

David is currently a Director in the Partnerships team but has been an ever-present figure at Currencycloud since the early days. He has held a number of roles during his time at the company, including Head of Client Support and Head of Solutions. His depth of knowledge of the Fintech industry and the nuances of cross-border payments is now being put to use as we expand our partner network while leveraging our new status as, ‘A Visa Solution.’

Workshop title

FX 101: So you want to go global?


It’s hard to ignore the shifting economic and demographic conditions that are driving both citizens and businesses to become more global. Fintechs must now have a cross-border strategy if they are going to keep up.

Most Fintechs can see the opportunity to generate additional revenue but are unable to realize this opportunity quickly due to the complex compliance, financial, and technical requirements needed to run a multi-currency treasury operation.

In this workshop, we’ll walk you through a step-by-step process of building your very own cross-border platform.

We will explain the intricacies of creating a solution that will allow you to receive, hold, convert, and send multi-currency payments on behalf of your user base.

We’ll also break down the technical archichitecture and flow of funds, as well as explaining how to navigate the specific regulatory obligations for offering cross-border payments in the states.

Lastly, we’ll discuss how to properly manage your FX liquidity risk, from booking forwards to maintaining margin with your banking partners.