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Derek Corcoran

Derek Corcoran

SVP Financial Services Strategy - Woodridge Software

Derek Corcoran is an Irishman, traveling on an Australian passport, living in Boulder Colorado, and is therefore confused most of the time.Derek lived in Sydney for 18 years and joined Avoka as employee number 9 in 2005. Realizing the potential for the Avoka Digital Onboarding solution in the US market, Derek relocated to Colorado in 2015 to grow the Avoka client base state-side. Avoka sold to Temenos (European banking software) in Dec 2018 where he took on the global role of Chief Experience Officer for Temenos for 2.5 years but was regularly referred to as the Chief Storyteller. With a background in computer science and math, Derek has found a passion for ensuring the B2B technology that Woodridge builds delivers on the promise of ‘making our lives easier'.

Roadblock title

The F-bombs of client onboarding: fraud vs. friction


Client onboarding happens in EVERY industry—but the risks of onboarding the wrong client in fintech are dialed up to 11. Fintechs and financial institutions need to make it easy for people to open accounts, but not so easy that fraudsters can take advantage. This session will examine the needs and the tools you can use to streamline your onboarding whilst protecting from fraud. We’ll examine all the acronyms from KYC and KBA to MFA and OCR. We will share lessons learned in the trenches from onboarding clients, not fraudsters, for dozens of FIs and fintechs across the industry.