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Eddie Kim

Eddie Kim

CTO and Co-Founder - Gusto


Eddie Kim is the chief technology officer and co-founder of Gusto, where he oversees software engineering. Prior to Gusto, he co-founded Picwing, a photo-printing startup that was acquired in 2011. He also worked on navigation and speech recognition systems for Volkswagen and Audi. Eddie holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in electrical engineering from Stanford University.

Keynote title

Fintech the musical: Learning from past cycles and what fintech founders need to know in this economic climate


After being one of the primary beneficiaries of the longest bull market in U.S. stock market history, Fintech companies have been at the epicenter of recent market volatility. During times of economic boom and bust, founder attention is pulled in every direction. And that means they can run into pitfalls that stop them from delivering on their core mission.

Eddie Kim, the CTO and cofounder of Gusto, knows what it’s like to swerve with every curve the economy has thrown at him. He learned the history lessons from the 2000 dot-com bust. He founded his first company in 2008 amid the Great Recession. And since 2012, he’s been there as Gusto navigated all the ups-and-downs of the economy.

In this talk, Eddie will share the lessons he’s learned along the way—from identifying excesses and distractions to focusing on mission and metrics that matter— so that founders can build for durability even amid economic volatility.