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Eddie Knight

OSPO Technical Program Manager

Roadblock title:

Solving cloud regulatory complexities with open source


Thursday - 10:00 AM (5th floor - Manchester G)


With roots stretching back to 2018, the financial open source community saw massive strides in the area of regulatory compliance in early 2024. Led by Citi and boasting contributions from a wide number of high-impact institutions, the FINOS Common Cloud Controls project aims to develop a unified set of cybersecurity, resiliency, and compliance controls for common services across the major cloud service providers.

In this talk we’ll walk through the adventure that brought us this far, explore the latest progress, and show you how to take advantage of modules and services that have been robustly validated and certified as conformant with the Common Cloud Controls standard.


Eddie Knight has been a technical leader in organizations ranging from financial services to software security, enabling him to gain the wealth of experience and insight that he brings as a speaker, author, and strategist.

Eddie Knight