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Edward Cable

President & CEO
The Mifos Initiative

Roadblock title:

Unbundling the core: Exploring the boundaries of a core banking system


Thursday - 1:00 PM (4th floor - Lantana)


Building out an end-to-end tech stack is overwhelming for fintechs. Starting from OSS banking primitives can accelerate that process by providing commoditized infrastructure as a platform. Fineract didn’t set out to be a platform, but organically became one as the ecosystem deployed it for more use cases. Now the de-facto platform for banking and fintech, it powers solutions from MIS for microfinance to core banking for credit unions to loan management SOR for fintechs, to wallet management for payment providers to SaaS for neobanks. As the thickness of the core grows, it is ever more important to define the boundaries of what constitutes the core. Is it the current account? Loan management SOR? Origination or Decisioning? Where does digital KYC fit in? CRM? Payment Orchestration?


As the President/CEO of the Mifos Initiative and founding member of the Apache Fineract PMC, Edward Cable is a leader in technology-enabled financial inclusion and open service financial services innovation. Since his time at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, Edward has understood and proven the catalytic power of communities – first through the cooperative movement, then through financial inclusion, and now through open source for financial services. Edward joined the Mifos project in 2007, incubating the open source community as part of the initial team guiding the project within the Grameen Technology Center. He led the spinout of the Mifos Initiative in 2011, overseeing the evolution of both the platform as well as the open source community as a transformative force for microfinance, financial inclusion and now digital financial services. Edward’s strategic vision and foresight has enabled the community to keep pace with rapid fintech innovation and nurtured the growth of a vibrant ecosystem of solution providers reaching more than 30 million clients through solutions built on top of the open-source Mifos and Fineract APIs. When he’s not focused on cultivating innovative fintech solutions, Edward tends to his menagerie of animals including goats, dogs, rabbits, and chickens in the majestic Redwoods. Edward has spoken at numerous open source and fintech events including a keynote and LF Open Source Summit in Europe, and workshops/talks at Fintech DevCon hosted by Moov and OSCON.

Edward Cable