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Farshad Abasi

Founder and CEO
Forward Security, Eureka DevSecOps

Roadblock title:

Beyond code: Reinforcing CI/CD pipelines against emerging threats


Thursday - 1:00 PM (5th floor - Manchester G)


As modern software development practices evolve, CI/CD pipelines have emerged as a potent, yet under-secured frontier. This has resulted in a shift in focus from attackers, who are exploiting traditionally overlooked vulnerabilities in the development pipelines.

In this session, we’ll dive into the top CI/CD security risks as identified by OWASP. We’ll look at how each attack can be performed, explore potential impacts, and the motives of bad actors. This talk will provide you with pragmatic strategies to strengthen your CI/CD security posture. Join us to transform your CI/CD pipeline from a potential vulnerability into a cornerstone of your security infrastructure.


Farshad Abasi is the Founder and CEO of Forward Security and Eureka DevSecOps, bringing over 27 years of industry experience to the forefront of cybersecurity innovation. His professional journey includes key technical roles at Intel and Motorola, evolving into senior security positions as the Principal Security Architect for HSBC Global, and Head of IT Security for the Canadian division. Farshad’s commitment to the field extends to his role as an instructor at BCIT, where he imparts his wealth of knowledge to the next generation of cybersecurity experts. His diverse experience, which spans startups to large enterprises, informs his approach to delivering adaptive and reliable solutions.

Engaged actively in the cybersecurity community through roles in BSides Vancouver/MARS, OWASP Vancouver/AppSec PNW, and as a CISSP designate, Farshad’s vision and leadership continue to drive the industry forward. Under his guidance, Forward Security is setting new standards in application and cloud security.

Farshad Abasi