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Jack Ryan

Jack Ryan

CTO - FinGoal

Jack is the CTO at FinGoal. After graduating with an English degree from Kenyon College, he spent time writing fiction and non-fiction while gradually becoming more interested in programming. In 2018, Jack attended the University of Denver’s coding program and, with fellow graduate Adam Beck joined FinGoal as a technical co-founder. Jack has helped architect, build, and maintain FinGoal’s Find Money and Link Money APIs. Outside of work, Jack is still writing fiction to this day.

Workshop title

The sum of all tears: avoiding regret in architectural designs


If you’re a developer who cares about building for scale or wonder why certain design decisions were made in the past, this session is for you. In this talk, you’ll learn how to diagram systems architecture and make thoughtful architectural decisions. We’ll review three scenarios with unique scaled product cases with distinct systems requirements. In each case, we’ll design and draw a system architecture to meet the requirements and then discuss and debate the decisions made. Walk away learning how to assess, accept, and adapt designs and mistakes.