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Jamie Wartell-King

Software Engineering Manager
Trimble Pay

Workshop title:

Trailblazing server rendering: Elevating security and performance with React and Next.js


Thursday - 10:00 AM (4th floor - Lantana)


Things are changing again in the world of front end and full stack development! After years of applications largely relying on client rendered applications with separate RESTful APIs or GraphQL servers, new features for React 19 and frameworks like NextJS are moving back towards server rendering. Isn’t this just what we were doing back in the 2000s with Ruby on Rails?

This workshop focuses on how these patterns are not like a pendulum swinging back to where it was before, but rather more similar to a switchback when climbing a mountain. We might be in a similar place to where we were before, but we’ve made progress and are closer and closer to our end goal of fast, secure, and easy to build applications. In this workshop, we will get hands-on with server components (using NextJS) and show how server side rendering has changed and how it helps developers get their job done in a faster and more predictable way.

This talk focuses on the specific needs of developers working on financial web applications, exploring how we are moving back to server-side rendering (SSR)—but with significant improvements over the old methods. We will demonstrate how these modern techniques can improve load times, enhance SEO, and crucially, obscure sensitive API endpoints to protect against attacks.

Key takeaways will include:

  • Understanding the limitations of CSR in web applications.
  • Implementing SSR in Next.js to benefit from features like partial prerendering, server actions.
  • Techniques to secure financial data by hiding APIs and minimizing exposure to vulnerabilities such as cross-site scripting (XSS) and data leaks.


Jamie is an Engineering Manager and Lead Developer at Trimble Pay. Over the past four years, he and his team have been building Flashtract, which recently joined the Trimble family. During this time, Jamie and his team have developed one of the leading solutions for invoice processing and payment within the commercial construction space. His passion for training, teaching, and mentorship has cultivated a team that consistently strives to innovate and deliver exceptional products and experiences for their users.

Jamie Wartell-King