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Jared Jones

Jared Jones

Head of Ecosystem - Moov

Jared Jones is the Head of Ecosystem at Moov Financial, responsible for Moov’s technology partnership and community development. Prior to leading Ecosystem at Moov, he spent time leading the effort to build worldwide developer ecosystems at category-defining companies like LaunchDarkly and GitHub. As one of GitHub’s earliest black employees, Jared co-founded GitHub’s first Employee Resource Group: The Blacktocats. Since then, Jared has committed his career to two things—enabling developers to do the best work of their lives and unblocking pathways for underrepresented folks to find careers and success in tech.

Panel title

Building for underserved communities: Holistic thinking for fintech’s biggest inclusion challenges

Panel description

Fintech has long been touted as a transformative way to promote diversity and provide access to financial services to historically underserved or ill served groups. Many times diversity exists at the brand level and focuses on affinity. This panel focuses on the product level, identifying systemic challenges and barriers that have left groups marginalized or underserved.