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Jarred Ward

Jarred Ward

Founder and CEO - Twisp

Jarred is founder and CEO of Twisp. He is an experienced engineering leader and contributor. From technical lead on the $40M Pacific Power energy trading system to core principal engineer at the neobank Simple up through the $117M acquisition by BBVA, he has a deep understanding of startup and enterprise technical needs. He is entirely obsessed with the cloud, databases, and distributed systems, all with a laser focus on financial product development.

Workshop title

Visa Direct to your DB


If you’re a software engineer who’s not a database expert, this workshop will teach you a superpower you didn’t know about. We’ll hook up Moov’s iso8583 message processor directly to postgres via an extension and a stored procedure. We’ll talk about how the database is more powerful than you think, when to lean on that superpower, and show that some pretty wild things are possible.