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Jason Henrichs

Jason Henrichs

CEO - Alloy Labs

Jason is the CEO of Alloy Labs, a consortium of community and midsize banks working together to drive innovation and adopt technology. He co-hosts Breaking Banks, the largest fintech podcast in the world, and is Chairman of FinTEx, a non-profit growing the FinTech cluster across the Midwest. Jason is a frequent speaker on financial innovation, regulation and compliance as competitive advantage. He served on the FinTech advisory boards for the City of Chicago, the AARP, the Center for Financial Services Innovation Lab, and the SXSW Accelerator. Jason teaches at the Pacific Coast Banking School, University of Wisconsin Graduate School of Banking and Louisiana State University Graduate School of Banking.

Panel title

Building for underserved communities: Holistic thinking for fintech’s biggest inclusion challenges

Panel description

Fintech has long been touted as a transformative way to promote diversity and provide access to financial services to historically underserved or ill served groups. Many times diversity exists at the brand level and focuses on affinity. This panel focuses on the product level, identifying systemic challenges and barriers that have left groups marginalized or underserved.