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Jonathan Cordeau

Jonathan Cordeau

VP Product, Payments & International - Peek

Jonathan is the VP of Product; Payments and Globalization at, a platform that connects the world through experiences. Peek is the operating system powering $2B in bookings for activities and experiences businesses around the globe; from wine tastings to helicopter rides, the Museum of Ice Cream to State Parks. Jonathan is known for his ability to craft elegant solutions that overcome complex problems, delight customers and drive revenue. He has launched numerous products from zero-to-one, and scaled fintech, cybersecurity and e-commerce products globally. Jonathan has founded multiple companies to successful exits, raised venture capital from top firms, and currently invests in early stage fintechs through his venture fund - undefined capital. He calls Colorado Springs home.

Roadblock title

Move fast and don’t break things: product development in fintech.


Move fast and break things became part of Peek’s lexicon years ago when Facebook was firing on all cylinders. While delivering value to customers should be a key driver of the speed with which we work, this catchy tagline doesn’t apply well to the world of fintech. When things break in fintech, payments don’t settle, funds go missing, and hackers ride off into the sunset with the money we’re all supposed to protect. During this session, we’ll crack open product development best practices and apply them to a world that requires us to move fast and not break things. Attendees will walk away with actionable lessons they can apply immediately to their daily product work. Better products will get built. Payments data will be more secure, reporting more clear, and we’ll sleep easier.