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Julie Hubschman

Julie Hubschman

Developer Relations Engineer - Abound

Julie is currently the Developer Relations Engineer at Abound. She has worked at a variety of large companies and prides herself on helping others to succeed. She is active in the FinTech and Developer community, Julie has participated in many events and communities including the Grace Hopper Celebration for Women in Computing, the White House, Women in Fintech, and more. On weekends, Julie can be found going to theatre shows and participating in street photography around New York City.

Roadblock title

Why everyone who offers an API is actually in developer relations


In this talk, you’ll learn why Developer Relations (DevRel) is critical in building an API. Hear the common pitfalls when developing for convoluted financial services, including taxes, and how to avoid them. Discover when to consult an expert (i.e. DevRel or industry expert) versus when to search Google. You’ll learn how great documentation, coupled with an 11-star experience, can make the difference. Hear examples and best practices from Abound and how their team navigates these issues while building APIs.