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Kola Awe

Kola Awe

Senior Software Engineer - Moov

Kola is a Senior Software Engineer at Moov Financial and a founding member of the team that created and maintains the backend services that facilitate all transfers on the Moov platform. Specifically, he led the design of the ledger service that tracks all money moovment on the platform. Prior to Moov, he has been a backend engineer at early stage startups in the biology / health tech space building green field projects to maturity. Kola also spent a quick year after graduating from UCLA acquiring a now-expired CPA license. He is based in Brooklyn, New York and he enjoys being outside in his free time.

Roadblock title

Defining service boundaries for facilitating transfers in order to build a scalable money movement platform


When we speak about transfers we assume a simple definition of a transfer: money moving from A to B. We generally assume this definition also applies to a transaction and that both are represented with one ledger entry (debit A and credit B) that coincides with a payment rail activity.

This simple definition is only a starting point when you set out to build a money mooving platform that must support increasingly complicated types of transfers.

This Roadblock Talk will present unique definitions of the terms transfers, transactions, ledger entries, and rail activities to highlight cases when transfers require multiple transactions, transactions require multiple ledger entries, and rail activities are non-atomic to your platform and/or not guaranteed.

Additionally, this talk will connect the definitions of the terms to considerations for defining service boundaries in order to design a flexible, maintainable, and scalable money moving platform.