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Kristin Cooper

Senior Enterprise Account Manager

Roadblock title:

Onboarding programs that don’t make customers tear their hair out


Thursday - 1:00 PM (4th floor - Indigo)


In this session, we will give a deep dive into the world of onboarding. From the critical role of KYC to the complexities of embedded finance, discover how to delight customers from their very first interaction. Learn the key considerations for building or buying solutions, with insights from Airwallex’s own journey. We will explore regional nuances, risk management strategies, and the power of automation in creating frictionless experiences. Attendees will gain practical tips for optimizing data collection and providing implementation flexibility.


Kristin Cooper is a Senior Account Manager at Airwallex, a global Fintech serving companies like Brex, Rippling, Shein, Navan, Xero, and Qantas. Kristin is responsible for managing and fostering long-term relationships with some of Airwallex’s largest enterprise and embedded finance customers. Kristin’s previous work includes account executive roles at Mural and Navan. Kristin earned a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Civil & Environmental Engineering at UC Davis and lives in San Francisco.

Kristin Cooper