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Lakshmi Subbramanian

Lakshmi Subbramanian

Engineering Manager of Core Platform - Alloy

Lakshmi runs the Core Platform team at Alloy where she also started a community for women engineers. Previously, she led teams building reporting and data products for asset managers, portfolio advisors, and consumer business for Goldman Sachs Asset Management business, and prior to that built cloud platform infrastructure serving engineering teams from trading desks to human capital management. Throughout her time at Goldman Sachs, she ran women in engineering community operations focusing on recruiting, retention, mentoring, and engagement, establishing strong partnerships with organizations like Girls Who Code, Rewriting the Code, and Women Who Code. Lakshmi is an angel investor based in Brooklyn, NY, where you can find her exploring coffee, and practicing yoga during her free time.

Roadblock title

Migrating onto a modern front-end with holistic architecture thinking


In this talk, you will hear the recent architecture migration of Alloy’s front-end to be a dedicated service, how we executed with minimal disruption, and why that was possible. Often the perception of a front-end architecture is about what’s visible on the app surface, but it can expand beyond onto infrastructure when building mission-critical front-end. Also, it involves a delicate architecture design and approach, and not seeing through those aspects early on could lead to a less cohesive strategy for migrating onto a resilient and modern front-end. Learn about how Alloy planned, researched, and executing migration with the mindset of incremental change and holistic thinking on our stack, and what could have worked better.