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Lou Anne Alexander

Lou Anne Alexander

Fintech Board Member, former Zelle CPO

Most recently, Lou Anne served as the Chief Product Officer at Early Warning Services (EWS), a banking consortium focused on fraud management and payments. After retiring from EWS, Lou Anne is enjoying life while continuing to share learnings and experiences as an advisor and board member. Over her 35+ year career, Lou Anne has had the opportunity to guide the delivery of amazing financial products in payments, identity, and authentication, but she is most recognized for leading the launch and growth of the Zelle Payment Network.

Lou Anne holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from NC State University, as well as an eMBA from Queens University. It is this combination of technical and business experience that she credits as the foundation that enabled her teams to produce successful product launches, meeting customer demand while continuously evolving to ensure an amazing experience for consumers and businesses.

She currently is engaged with several companies supporting their evolving product journeys including identity proofing focused red violet(NASDAQ: RDVT), family finance focused 2nd Wallet by Generation Finance Technology, and fraud/AML provider, Unit21, Inc. Lou Anne also serves as a board member for the BNPL firm, equipifi.

Keynote title

Building a world class payments platform: Lessons from base camp


Chances are, you don’t know many folks who’ve built a payments platform from the ground up. But if you did, that person would obviously have ‘special forces’ and an endless amount of lessons to impart on the industry at large. Hear from Lou Anne Alexander, former Chief Product Officer of Zelle, about how she led both bankers and technologists into the modern era of payments with the creation of Zelle, all while addressing the most challenging issues in our industry; like fraud.