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Luke Van Oort

Luke Van Oort

Senior Software Engineer - Wave

Luke is a senior software engineer at Wave Financial where he played a major role in the implementation of the serverless backend that powers the remote check deposit feature of their Wave Money small business banking offering. When not working on check deposit, he can usually be found advocating for reactive event-driven architectures or biking.

Roadblock title

Mobile remote deposit capture trials and tribulations


The talk will begin with a high-level overview of how a check actually goes from being a piece of paper in an account holder’s hand into being money in their account as a refresher for those who may need a reminder on the process. Then it will progress into where Wave Money inserted itself in the process, our decisions around third-party vendors, the trade-offs we had to accept for our decisions, and why we chose the architecture that we did. Finally, it will end with lessons learned and pain points experienced in the operation of our system with a focus on things that were “unknown unknowns” so that attendees will be able to plan for them in developing their own programs.