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Marc Haddle

Marc Haddle

Chair, Outreach Team - Baseline Protocol

Marc Haddle is a Blockchain/Distributed Ledger Technology advisor and subject matter expert with expertise in leading and successfully delivering results for complex growth initiatives and business transformations involving cross-functional teams in highly matrixed environments. Prior to joining Baseline Protocol, Marc was a Blockchain Product Director for Conduent, where he oversaw the development of over 13 Proofs of Concept and 4 MVP-stage blockchain projects. His previous background was as an Insurance Broker specializing in the design of Enterprise Risk Management frameworks for Public Entities, Middle-Market, and Fortune 1000 clients. He has extensive experience in Healthcare, Construction, Financial Services, Manufacturing, and Energy verticals. He has been a subject matter advisor in Cyber Risk for DoD and Internet Security governance associations since 2013. A graduate of Emory University with a concentration in neuroscience, Marc has earned multiple blockchain certifications and is passionate about the evolution of the technology. Interests include baseball (fan and player/coach with his two young sons), cycling, auto racing, experimental cooking, and electronic music.

Workshop title

Baseline Protocol: multiparty data-sharing under zero-knowledge


In this workshop, you will learn how blockchain technology can be used as middleware in a multiparty application environment, as opposed to a significant portion of the IT architecture. Baseline Protocol is a method to synchronize information inside different systems of record between different organizations without revealing that information. It combines highly-advanced cryptography, secure messaging, and a blockchain layer to create mathematical proofs that collaborators in a workflow environment can share the same information in their systems of record without the actual data ever leaving those systems and with no need to alter those systems of record or invest in expensive new infrastructure. Baseline Protocol is not a product, a platform, or a cryptocurrency. Rather, it is a set of tools and libraries to allow for secure collaboration among parties who are unable to share data due to privacy frameworks or competitive concerns.