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Maria McParland

Lead Software Engineer
J.P. Morgan

Roadblock title:

How fintech developers can engage and excite a large multinational corporation


Friday - 10:00 AM (5th floor - Manchester F)


As a fintech developer, how do you engage with a large multinational? How do you make an impact? Why does this even matter? We’ll discuss the intricate dance that takes place between multinational corporations and the community of fintech developers as these two very different entities seek to bridge the gap between them and a build a better future for our global clients. From navigating regulatory complexities to fostering a collaborative community, learn the strategies and insights that enable the quest for fintech innovation.


Maria McParland is a Lead Frontend Software Engineer for J.P. Morgan Payments. Currently, she is spearheading the creation of a brand new public GitHub space for the firm, making complex financial concepts accessible through code snippets and example showcases. When not wrangling code, you’ll find Maria scaling the majestic peaks of the Scottish Highlands alongside her canine companion, all while sporting some truly unique, self-made apparel.

Maria McParland