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Mariia Rudenko

Engineering Manager

Roadblock title:

Getting developers to embrace infrastructure as code


Friday - 10:00 AM (5th floor - Manchester E)


Embracing Infrastructure as code and modern DevOps practices ultimately leads to more consistent and resilient financial products, but for a small company it can be difficult to balance low deployment timelines for new build with the cost-efficiency, security, and operational benefits of standardized cloud infrastructure.

In this talk we’ll discuss how Alloy moved to a self-service model where the infrastructure team provides reusable infrastructure modules with consistent baseline configurations and deployment checks to enable our developers to create and manage their own infrastructure. This talk will include discussions of various techniques and tools including pre-commit hooks, open source github actions, and considerations for vendor solutions in the IAC deployment pipelines.


Mariia is an Engineering Manager leading the Infrastructure Team at Alloy. Software engineering background helps her find optimal solutions for the cloud infrastructure problems. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her daughters or rock climbing with coworkers.

Mariia Rudenko