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Mark Robinson

Senior Infrastructure Engineer

Roadblock title:

How to achieve cost savings, efficiencies, and scalability in the cloud


Friday - 11:15 AM (5th floor - Manchester E)


In recent years, cloud computing has transformed the way businesses store, manage, and analyze their data. But if you’re not careful, cloud computing can also let you lose money faster than any invention in history, with the exception of cryptocurrency and Enron stock. In this talk, I will provide a framework for cost savings in the cloud that can be applied to any organization, regardless of size or industry, at the start of their cost saving journey. I will cover the life cycle of cost savings, which includes identifying areas of waste, optimizing your services, and how to make hard choices. I will also discuss the importance of building the right team for cost-saving measures, including determining the necessary skill sets and fostering collaboration and communication.


Mark is a passionate engineer who loves to solve hard problems. He is an infrastructure engineer at Plaid, a financial data network, where he works at solving scaling issues around deploying software, and keeping the infrastructure running. He specifically enjoys focusing on CICD pipelines, metrics and monitoring, and developer optimization. In his spare time, Mark rehabilitates under-socialized kittens, renovates his heritage house, and makes Jeff Bezos cry by reducing AWS spend.

Mark Robinson