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Matan Cohen-Abravanel

Software Architect

Roadblock title:

Ensuring transactional integrity in fintech: Leveraging the “outbox pattern” in event-driven architectures


Friday - 11:00 AM (5th floor - Manchester F)


In the fast-moving fintech sector, keeping data consistent across distributed systems is crucial for trust and reliability. Event-driven architectures, essential for fintech platforms, face syncing financial transaction events with database updates. This becomes complex with entity transactions needing real-time reflection to all involved.

A common issue is the inability to publish events through event buses simultaneously with database transactions, leading to risks in data integrity and consistency. This talk will discuss how the “Outbox Pattern” solves this problem, ensuring reliable and consistent reflection of financial transactions across systems. This method boosts the reliability and confidence in event-driven architectures, improving data accuracy and timeliness.


Matan is a Staff Engineer at Melio. He has 11 years of experience in software development, mainly focusing on payment systems architecture. He loves sharing his thoughts and ideas about architectural and business scaling problems and solutions by giving tech talks and writing in his popular Medium blog. In his spare time, he likes to read and practice DDD and collect Pokemon cards.

Matan Cohen-Abravanel