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Matt Harris

Bain Capital Ventures

Keynote title:

Breaking the banks


Thursday - 4:00 PM (5th floor - Manchester Ballroom)


Join Matt to learn how generative AI is going upend banking by creating superpowered customers.


Matt is a Partner at Bain Capital Ventures in New York City and focuses on investments in financial technology. He sees a huge amount of revenue, profit and market cap shifting from regulated financial institutions to entrepreneur-led insurgents, across payments, lending, capital markets, real estate and insurance. More ramblings on these topics can be found here.

Matt started his investing career at Bain Capital private equity in 1995, having worked previously at Bain & Company, and attended Williams College, where he majored in political economy. In 2000, Matt founded Village Ventures, which he ran for 12 years and where he focused on early-stage fintech investing. In 2012 he rejoined Bain Capital Ventures.

Outside of work, Matt enjoys spending any free moments with his wife, Jessica, and their six children. Matt serves as a Trustee of Williams College as well as a member of the College’s Investment Committee and co-head of the Non-Marketable Assets Committee, and is the former Chair of the Board of the Williamstown Theatre Festival. He is also a board member at Endeavor, an organization leading the global movement to catalyze long-term economic growth by selecting, mentoring and accelerating the best high-impact entrepreneurs around the world, as well as the boards of Greater NY, the Partnership Fund for New York City and the Innovation Advisory Council for the New York Federal Reserve. He is obsessed with military history, and some day will write a book connecting the strategy and tactics of insurgency with what he has learned about entrepreneurship.

Matt Harris