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Matt Schaar

Accion Venture Lab

Roadblock title:

Building for the underbanked: Delivering accessible and inclusive financial solutions when data is scarce and fragmented


Wednesday - 2:00 PM (5th floor - Manchester G)


Over 2 billion individuals globally don’t have access to basic financial services, and there is an estimated $5 trillion credit gap for small businesses worldwide. We take something like basic access to banking services for granted in the US, but the reality is that, even in the most developed markets, not everyone can simply open a bank account. While attempts have been made to resolve this challenge, and many fintechs globally are succeeding, the parameters of risk and delivery of these services differ substantially due to these customers’ lack of history with credit and financial services.

In this talk, we will dig a bit deeper into how Moffin, a Mexican fintech, has tackled the challenge of building financial services for thin-file customers on behalf of their clients – which include microfinance institutions and MSME-focused financial service providers.


Matthew Schaar is the Operating Partner, Accion Venture Lab. In this role, Matt leads Venture Lab’s Portfolio Engagement and Platform function, which provides in-depth strategic and operational support to companies across Venture Lab’s global portfolio and delivers knowledge leadership to the broader fintech community. Prior to joining Venture Lab, Matt held Product, Marketing, and Customer Success leadership roles at Salesforce and GitHub, helping steer the latter toward an eventual $7.5 billion acquisition by Microsoft. He also advised a variety of companies of various stages as an independent consultant and with the Boston Consulting Group. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering, a Masters Degree in Business Administration and a Masters in Public Policy from the University of Michigan.

Matt Schaar