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Michael Cullum

VP of Engineering & Data

Roadblock title:

A due diligence guide for product and engineering teams


Wednesday - 1:00 PM (5th floor - Manchester F)


If you want to be able to contract with larger companies, at a certain point they will complete due diligence processes on you.

They will have various teams and processes in place to understand if you’re able to meet their needs across areas such as uptime, security and more. They want to understand you can do what you say you can, understand and mitigate risks that might be introduced by working with you, and build trust and assurance that you are a good partner.

In this talk we’ll look at what kind of things that you need to be doing in your product & engineering teams to pass such processes, how to be able to meet such requirements while still maintaining a fintech pace of innovation, and how to be able to help those organizations build that trust and assurance in you.


Michael is an accomplished technology executive serving as the VP of Engineering & Data at Bud Financial, a data intelligence fintech company.

Since joining Bud in 2019, he has been instrumental in leading the data and engineering teams and driving strategic initiatives. With a strong focus on strategy and execution, Michael ensures that Bud builds, delivers and maintains a high-quality platform. His expertise lies in developing cutting-edge technology and AI solutions, as well as building data analytics tools that empower organizations to transform their data into valuable customer insights.

With over 15 years of experience in the tech industry, Michael has held various positions in software and data platform engineering at renowned companies. His previous work includes a specialization in data platform engineering at scale while working at SamKnows. Throughout his career, Michael has been actively involved in open source projects and has made significant contributions to the Symfony and PHP communities, particularly in the areas of security and standards. Michael began his career in the web hosting industry, including founding a company that was later acquired.

Michael Cullum