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Mike Bifulco

Mike Bifulco

Developer Advocate - Stripe

Mike Bifulco is a designer and developer working as a Developer Advocate at Stripe. Mike is also cofounder of APIs You Won’t Hate, where he helps run a community-run news site and podcast by the same name. In a past life, Mike worked as a Developer Advocate at Google, technical Director for, and as a UX Designer at Microsoft. Mike was cofounder and CEO of, a SaaS startup which was acquired in 2020. Outside of work, he enjoys cycling, making and drinking great espresso, and playing music when time allows.

Roadblock title

The developer feedback experience: friction logging


At Stripe, we use friction logs as a feedback mechanism to help deliver and continually improve on our developer and product experiences. It’s a tricky practice, because a successful friction log needs significant time investment, mutual respect, and an understanding of a shared goal. In this talk, we will discuss how we use friction logs to identify and improve pain points for developers and end users as we build Stripe’s Banking-as-a-Service products. We will also share some tips on how you can use our experience, strategy, and lessons learned from Friction Logs to improve your own products.