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Mohamad El-Hajj

Very Good Security

Mohamad is a security engineer at Very Good Security, where he develops their industry-leading security tools. He enjoys educating people about security and helping his team members build their skills.

Talk abstract:

Secure Your Data Computations Efficiently

Data in Use is the state of data that allows us to maximize its value, but it is amongst the most vulnerable. Emerging technologies offer protection at different granularities, either by running applications in hardened and isolated environments, or by exposing a strict set of limited operations. These technologies work to enable the use of general-purpose programming languages to compute on data, but, in practice, such powerful programming languages are not necessary to utilize the data. In fact, they facilitate the development of unsafe code. In this workshop, we will demonstrate how to securely compute on data in use, without having to worry about unsafe code, by implementing a safe and hermetically sealed python-like language called Starlarky. This solution extends systems by providing developers and customers with a way to safely run computations on data inside their applications without the burden of vulnerabilities made possible by unsafe code. Join this workshop to learn how to adopt this approach to your own environment and scale it to suit your needs.