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Nicholas Morey

Senior Developer Advocate

Workshop title:

How to leverage Git for seamless continuous delivery


Wednesday - 1:00 PM (4th floor - Indigo)


Stop performing manual deployments to Kubernetes! This workshop will introduce Continuous Delivery (CD) and GitOps. We will cover how CD differs from Continuous Integration (CI) and then look into the four key principles of GitOps. You will learn the core concepts of Argo CD and how they fit into these practices.

During the hands-on portion, you will utilize Argo CD Applications to manage the deployment of Helm charts into Kubernetes following GitOps principles.

Workshop topics:

  • Automating container builds with GitHub Actions.
  • Introduction Continuous Delivery and GitOps practices.
  • Utilizing Argo CD to deploy Helm charts to Kubernetes.

Attendees will leave with a clear understanding of how to go from committing to the source code to an automated deployment into Kubernetes.


Nicholas Morey is a Platform Engineer with a passion for DevOps practices. He is on the team at Akuity as a Developer Advocate, talking with the community about anything Argo Project-related. He is an experienced Argo CD operator and a Certified Kubernetes Administrator.

Nicholas Morey