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Nick Palmer

Principal Engineer

Roadblock title:

How to use the Temporal workflow engine to maximize reliability


Thursday - 11:00 AM (5th floor - Manchester G)


In the rapidly evolving landscape of financial technology, ensuring the reliability and correctness of services is paramount. Our startup has leveraged the Temporal workflow engine to elevate the reliability and correctness of our BuildCredit loan product, enabling us to offer dependable financial solutions to our users. This talk aims to share insights into how Temporal has been instrumental in our journey, focusing on the overarching benefits we’ve realized through this technology, best practices and gotchas, handling API idempotency, configuring retries, as well as considerations for how to deploy Temporal in your organization.


After graduating with honors in Computer Engineering from the University of Arizona, I embarked on a diverse career in the tech industry. My early experiences spanned developing embedded Java virtual machines, middleware for the cable industry, and software for fixed-income derivatives trading. This journey led me to an interest in high-performance computing and further academic pursuits in Amsterdam. I earned a master’s degree in Parallel and Distributed Computer Systems from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, followed by a Ph.D. focused on distributed middleware for mobile devices with applications in disaster management.

Post-academia, I relocated to the Bay Area, where my career evolved through roles in technical product management, technology leadership, and engineering across startups and tech firms. My contributions ranged from product architecture to technical leadership in web, mobile, and backend engineering.

Currently, I am deeply involved with Array, where I initially architected our BuildCredit Loan product and now apply that expertise across the company, contributing to our mission of “Building the Array.”

Nick Palmer