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Omi Chowdhury

Omi Chowdhury

CTO - Fragment

Omi is CTO at Fragment, the database for money. Previously he co-founded Cove (automated SPVs) and Scuid (IdaaS).

Roadblock title

Building a kickass multi-currency ledger


A true multi-currency ledger that handles global fiat payments, crypto, and liquid assets within a single transaction offers a lot of advantages over the typical approach of using multiple single currency ledgers, but they’re hard to get your head around. We’ll deep dive into how to use one, how they work, and how to implement one. You’ll also learn various designs for multi-currency system and trade-offs between them, how to record a multi-currency transaction and track forex exposure, and the technical challenges that arise when building a scalable multi-currency system.

*This talk assumes a basic knowledge of double-entry accounting.