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Peter Hazlehurst


Co-Founder and CEO of Synctera. (Previously at Uber Money, The Perfect Sip, Postmates, Google, Yodlee, and Nokia)

Talk abstract:

FinTech-as-a-Service: Perspectives on launching a community bank/FinTech partnership

This session will be moderated by Peter Hazlehurst, Co-Founder and CEO of Synctera, and feature special guest panelists.

From neobanks and digital lenders to payments providers and retailers, FinTechs are looking to provide financial services to their end customers in new and exciting ways. But in the U.S., they need access to a banking charter to do so. By partnering with a community bank, fintechs can leverage the bank’s license, launch faster, and offload the regulatory and compliance burden, freeing up time to focus on what they do best. In this session, we’ll unpack a FinTech-as-a-Service program through the lens of a FinTech founder and a community banker. What’s involved in standing up a partnership? How does the matchmaking process work? What lessons and other vital considerations should you be thinking about along the way?