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Richie Bachala

Data Engineering & Solutions Architecture Leader

Roadblock title:

From Earth to Mars: Overcoming data consistency challenges in interplanetary geo-distributed databases


Thursday - 3:00 PM (4th floor - Lantana)


As interplanetary exploration advances, the need for reliable, consistent and resilient databases are crucial. Mars, with its potential, poses unique challenges in distributing and maintaining consistent data due to the limitations imposed by the speed of light. This presentation explores the extending distributed databases all the way to Mars, focusing on geo-distribution and the resulting consistency scenarios stemming from vast intra / interplanetary distances.

Fintech services face significant data consistency challenges; intriguingly, as we tackle these issues for Mars, we develop solutions that also support cross-regional data consistency on Earth. By drawing on insights from interplanetary data connectivity, financial institutions can improve their data management practices and reduce the risks of data inconsistency.

Can we bridge the gap and maintain data integrity across vast distances in space? Join this session to explore the possibilities.


Richie is known for his expertise in the realm of databases, real-time payments and data management strategies. With an extensive background in technology and a deep understanding of the intricate challenges faced by businesses today, Richie is a sought-after authority in resolving data consistency problems, ensuring data protection compliance, implementing multi-tenancy strategies, and enabling cross-region replication and addressability of data.

Previously Richie was Director of Solution Architecture at Yugabyte, an Open-Source & Cloud-Native Distributed Database company. And before that he was the Enterprise Data domain leader at The Sherwin-Williams Company. He built a large global engineering team across 5 countries (USA, UK, Mexico, India, and Malaysia) for supporting data engineering initiatives across APAC, ANZ, EMEA, LATAM, and NOAM regions. Prior to which he was at Oracle & Hitachi Vantara.

Richie drove Data-as-a-Service offerings at Sherwin-Williams that was easy to consume, elastic, secure, and reliable for 11,000 internal user-base; with the vision to provide the enterprise with endless insights to solve any data challenge and find opportunities today, to aid in revealing the possibilities of tomorrow. Richie serves as a member board of director for The Diversity Center of Northeast Ohio, and Esperanza, Inc.

Richie Bachala