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Rin Oliver

Rin Oliver

Software Engineer - US Bank

Rin is a neurodivergent, nonbinary Software Engineer at US Bank. They enjoy discussing all things open source and DevSecOps related, with a particular focus on diversity in tech, improving hiring pipelines in OSS for those that are neurodivergent, and removing accessibility barriers to learning programming. Rin is a Member of Kubernetes, a previous contributor to Spinnaker, has been involved in the Kubernetes Contributor Experience TAG, is a current Board Member for The Diana Initiative (a long-running InfoSec nonprofit), and is often a pod mentor on the community track at various KubeCon + CloudNativeCon events. When not immersed in all things OSS and cloud-native, they can be found spending time with their wife and pets, gardening, cooking, or gaming.

Workshop title

Hashicorp Vault, Terraform, and CI/CD for the fintech industry


In this workshop, audiences will come together to learn how to implement CI/CD tooling such as GitLab Runners and GitHub Actions. They will also leverage the power of these tools to work together with Hashicorp Vault and Terraform, in addition to JFrog’s Artifactory to achieve a secure end-to-end CI/CD pipeline where secrets and keys are stored and rotated securely. Attendees will also learn how to write technical documentation that improves the developer experience for the software engineers and infrastructure engineers who work with these tools on a daily basis. By improving the developer experience and the inner source tooling experience, the overall software development process in fintech can be further streamlined and continue to progress towards true digital transformation.