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Ryan Cooke

Founder and CEO

Workshop title:

Secure software demystified: data security best practices


Wednesday - 2:30 PM (4th floor - Latana)


Web application security has come a long way from the early internet where databases were dumped containing cleartext passwords. And yet data breaches still occur at alarming rates, leaking copious amounts of personal data on everyday people. How should developers build applications with security that is tuned for today’s infrastructure and threats? In this workshop, attendees will refactor a web application to improve its defense against common risks, such as the new categories added to the OWASP Top 10 in 2021.


Ryan is an avid technologist, with over 18 years of experience working at early-stage startups. Trained as a software engineer, he has been a co-founder of several companies, and still finds opportunities to write code when possible. While he grew his skills as a developer over his career, application security became an integral part of building better software. 11 years ago, Ryan co-founded an enterprise SaaS startup, which collected proprietary customer information that required state-of-the-art security (in spite of a few memorable bugs). More recently, Ryan built a neobank (N26 US) and a payments company ( which both operated with compliance programs. Today Ryan is a founder of JumpWire, a leader in practical data security tooling. Ryan’s enthusiasm for secure development drives him to sharpen his skills as a hacker, albeit white-hat.

Ryan Cooke